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November 2021- Last Minute Deals Self-catering Late Vacancies & Special Offers

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Bank Holiday Weeks 2021

St Andrew's Day: Tuesday, 30 November (Scotland)

Bank Holiday Weeks 2022

St Andrew's Day: Wednesday 30 November (Scotland)


Providence Cottage
Port Isaac

Holiday Cottage with Sea Views and Parking Sleeping 2 to 8 People Tel: 01208 880416

Last Minute Offers - Cancellation Friday 29th October for 7 nights only 600 (save 100)

Providence Cottage offers you luxury accommodation in a superb clifftop location with breathtaking sea views over the harbour, coastline and miles of open sea beyond.

Trentinney Farm Cottages
St.Endellion, nr Port Isaac

Six Holiday Cottages Sleeping 2 to 6

All Cottages have WIFI and luxury king sized beds

TF all30-SEPT2020

Traditional Cornish Roundhouse - sleeps 2

Two bedroom Cottages sleeping 4 / 5 people

Three bedroom cottage sleeping up to 6 persons

This is our only dog friendly property

Short Breaks

3 Day Breaks £240 for two people, Low Season only.
this does not include school holidays, June, July, August or September

6 Lovely Self Catering Cottages - sleeping 2 to 6 St Endellion - Port Isaac - North Cornwall. Trentinney Farm has 6 holiday cottages in a peaceful setting covering 158 acres of some of the loveliest countryside in North Cornwall. Trentinney Farm has beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and from the top of the farm spectacular views of the sea and moors. All cottages have quality king size beds in the double rooms, they are fully equipped including washing machine, fridge freezer and digital TV.


Owls Nest
Carbis Bay, St Ives

Sleeps 6 people

ON all30-SEPT20


Owls Nest - sleeps 6
Ideal Family accommodation, with Sea Views, sleeping up to six with access to Carbis Bay beach. Owls Nest is a two bedroom property with private access to the award winning Carbis Bay Beach. The 4 minute walk to the beach is through a beautiful wooded glade. Sleeps 6 people


Late Availability

Sunshine Holidays Bude - - sleeping 4 Holiday Bungalows sleeping 4 people.Privately owned, beautifully furnished and equipped, 2 bedroom, semi-detached holiday bungalows. Set in 30 acres of beautiful parkland. Also offering superb 4 Star leisure facilities: indoor swimming pool; gymnasium; beauty treatments; tennis courts; free WiFi access in Manor House; free evening entertainment, restaurant and bars.

Hollyhocks Bungalow - sleeping 4 Beautifully furnished and equipped detached 2 bedroom bungalow, (Visit Britain, 3 stars). Gorgeous garden conservatory for relaxing and enjoying the amazing sunsets. Imagine superb valley scenery, wonderful walks, beach and coastal footpath nearby. Short walk to the beautiful thatched Old Smithy Inn, with good food, open fires and lovely gardens. Pets Welcome (enclosed Garden)

Gunnislake, Callington, Calstock

Pencrebar Farm

Sleepsup to 5 people


Holiday Caravan - Tamar Valley

Fully equipped, spacious residential caravan set in the beautiful Tamar Valley. Situated in this idyllic part of Cornwall, on a working farm, the modern caravan provides comfortable accommodation for up to 5 people. Stunning views across spectacular countryside. Ideally located for exploring both Cornwall & Devon


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