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Golf Holidays in Cornwall and Devon

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Guide to golf and family golf holidays across Cornwall & Devon
Golf Holidays In Cornwall and Devon.
Family Golf Holidays and much more!

Self-catering in Polzeath


The Surf's Edge is Cornwalls most famous Holiday cottages, which is located near 2 golf courses to give you multiple choices on which course you would like to have a round on.

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Are you a golfer, looking for luxury, golf courses and fun for the whole family? You've come to the RIGHT place!

Our Online Guide to Holiday cottages, campsites, B&B stays and caravan parks that provide Golf Holidays across the Westcountry, Cornwall And Devon - this page is a golf Holiday Directory and Holiday Accommodation guide to properties with a wide range of golf facilities and golf courses.

In all cases, Holiday cottages in Cornwall and Devon with golf course access, you do need to check the facilities with the owners prior to booking.Imagine your perfect west country holiday ... an golfers paradise in Cornwall or Devon, with wonderful trails, offering beautiful scenic route with plenty of views, well preserved with beautiful surroundings, quality holiday accommodation. You can enjoy a round of golf with the family after a day exploring Cornwall and Devon.

Exclusive Golf Holidays with on site holiday accommodation in Cornwall and Devon.

We have many Holiday properties that cater for golfers or are near golf courses. Following the growth in the popularity of golf, many holiday providers have begun to provide holidays that specifically catered for golf! Many of the Holiday cottages, Holiday Park and Holiday providers offer buggy hire and swinging range to residents. Golfing in Cornwall will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

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Golfing Holidays and Golf Courses- Golfing In Cornwall and Devon. Golfing Holidays and much more! We have many Holiday properties that cater for golfers, with families. Following the growth in the popularity of golfing in Cornwall, many holiday providers have begun to provide holidays that specifically catered for golfers. Online guide to golfing in Cornwall.