Carn Brea - Heritage Trail in Cornwall

Carn Brea - Heritage Trail - Redruth, Cornwall

Carn Brea - Heritage Trail - Redruth, Cornwall

Carn Brea, Redruth, Cornwall

Map Ref: SW 685407

Location: 11 miles north-west of Falmouth on the A39-A393. South West of Redruth.

How to get there: Carn Brea is to the South West of Redruth. Follow the footpath from Churchtown up the hill.

This hill top location at Carn Brea in Cornwall has been in occupation from the earliest of times. On the Carn Brea hill top you will find examples of a Hillfort Castle, a 19th century Monument and a mixture of Neolithic, Iron Age, Medieval and Modern buildings.

The castle is the most visible structure on the hill top and was probably a hunting lodge built by the Bassets of Tehidy in the 15th Century. The monument was erected in 1836 to another Basset. Located in the area between the monument and the castle are the remains of a massive Neolithic hillfort; covering some 46 acres.

There is evidence to show that the Neolithic ramparts of the hill fort were partly remodelled during the Iron Age and a collection of stone round houses were built inside at the time. Wonderful views of mining remains to the south, Camborne - Redruth and the coast to the north.

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