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Lamorna Cove and Boleigh Fogou - Lands End
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Lamorna - Cornwall

Lamorna is a stunning location, with plenty of worn paths to follow, some made by badgers and foxes, down to the stream which borders the wood, and tumbles on through the valley past the pub, the Lamorna Wink, to reach the sea at Lamorna Cove. Here there is a small harbour beach, where you can enjoy a coffee and watch the divers heading off to explore the mysteries of the deep. Or, if you're feeling more energetic, you can follow the coast path; east, to the picturesque harbour village of Mousehole, or west to the boulder beach of St Loy.

Boleigh Fogou, Lamorna

Boleigh Fogou, considered to be one of the best remaining monuments of its kind in Cornwall. Found to be part of an iron-age site, this man made underground cave has survived pretty well intact for 2000 years. The word 'fogou' is derived from the Cornish word for cave - fogo - and indeed these fantastic constructions do not occur anywhere else in England.

There is much debate about the original purpose of the fogou. Some believe they were ancient grain stores, others housing for cattle; but many people believe that the fogou contributed far more to the spiritual rather than the practical life of the community it served. It is thought that birth and death rituals were carried out in the fogou and that it was used for initiation and spiritual ceremonies. Now many people visit the fogou to experience for themselves the tremendous power it seems to hold, and feel the presence of the previous inhabitants of this ancient land.

Rosemerryn Holiday Cottage
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Boleigh Fogou

Boleigh Fogou<

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Boleigh Fogou Lamorna - Rosemerryn Cottage retired advert

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