How to search the database

To search the Cornish Mining Index is a simple task, just provide me with details of any surnames required and I will forward to you the full results of the search, which will include any variant spellings listed. Your reply will include any information held that falls into the following fields;

The contentious issue of charging

With regard to the issue of making a charge for the services offered by the Cornish Mining Index via the Internet, I feel somewhat uncomfortable about it. Prior to joining the Internet, all enquiries and responses were made by conventional mail, and this could incur quite substantial costs when looked at annually. The ethos of the Internet promotes the free exchange of information, and this is to be encouraged. However the term free must surely apply to having no restrictions, and not meaning without value, or recognision of the effort and expense that has gone into making the information freely available.

Charges PER SURNAME for conventional mail enquiries

United Kingdom_________________________________£1.00 (cheque or stamps) per surname.

Overseas_______________________________________2.00 Dollars per surname. MINIMUM 5 DOLLARS (NO CHEQUES, paper currency please)

N.B. Rates of exchange fluctuate and the above charges may represent better value in one country than another. But in the end this charging structure keeps things simple and balances itself out.

Charges for email enquiries

As I have yet to fully analyse the cost incurred in providing this facility, the above rates will apply for the time being.

Please address all enquiries to;

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